Bill and Ted Watch Movies is a podcast in which we watch movies and then talk about them. It’s all about movies – classics, currents, good movies, bad movies, popular and obscure, whatever movies come to mind. This isn’t about movie reviews or ratings, and we’re certainly not Siskel and Ebert. We won’t be giving two thumbs up, down, or sideways. This is a free-ranging conversation about the movies we’re watching and what we think about them. We invite you to join us.

Your Hosts

“Bill” is Bill Cwirla, a Lutheran minister living in the Los Angeles area. He has degrees in Chemistry and Theology. His side interests are woodworking, gardening, and fine food and drink. He rarely watches movies, but when he does, they are usually food-themed or comedies. And it’s almost always at home.

“Ted” is Ted Giese, a Lutheran minister living in Regina, Saskatchewan. He has degrees in Fine Arts and Theology. He watches movies all the time, both at home and preferably in the theater, has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of film, and writes a regular movie review blog.

The Movies

Movies are a significant part of our culture, reflecting our values, fears, hopes, dreads, and dreams. They tell us much about ourselves even as they tell a story, shape our thinking, and challenge our beliefs. In a sense, they are modern mythologies. And we think movies are worth talking about. Each episode will discuss a movie that we have watched within the last few days. The selections will be rather random, spanning all genres of film. We will announce the following episode’s selection at the end of each episode so you can watch along with us and join in the conversation.

The Conversation

Bill and Ted Watch Movies is a conversation about movies between someone who knows very little about movies and watches them occasionally for entertainment (Bill), and someone who knows a lot about movies and can appreciate a movie’s meaning, nuances, and cultural significance (Ted). Our goal is to make your movie watching a deeper and more informed experience. We hope you will find these conversations enlightening and entertaining as we go on this excellent adventure through the world of movies. So pop some popcorn and party on!